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Story #1Tiny DinerMinneapolis, MN

The longevity of a business relies on true diversity — especially a small business. I don’t ever want to appeal to a single demographic of people.

Q & A

We sat down at the Tiny Diner bar with owner Kim Bartmann.

Describe the happiest moment in your business life.

When the crane lifted the first dedicated solar array in the United States onto the posts at Tiny Diner, making an energy-generating roof for our patio.

You have such a variety of people in the restaurant…

I’ve always thought of my restaurants as community gatherings spots, as important places where people can come together.  I don’t ever want to have a restaurant where the same people are filling it up every day. The longevity of a business relies on true diversity, especially a small business. I don’t ever want to appeal to a single demographic of people.

What advice can you offer?

Asking for help is always my number one piece of advice. Most entrepreneurs and small business people have a certain type of personality. They have strong personalities and are really opinionated. They have to be in order to make it all happen. Too often, that comes with an inability to ask for help. Know yourself. Know that you’re going to be challenged. Know what you’re good at. Know what you’re not good at and use other resources to get help in those areas.

How did you design the menu of Tiny Diner with the neighborhood in mind?

We wanted to contemporize the food and offer some healthier options. Because it’s a diner, people want to be able to come here a couple of times a week and really eat. It’s in your neighborhood and you want to just eat something without it being an event. The menu has to have a range of price points, a range of different foods that people like, vegetarian items, gluten-free items. All of those people need to be happy when they come here. And we’ll be continually switching up many items with inspirations from different cities across the country.

Business Details

Proprietor: Kim Bartmann
1024 E 38th St. Minneapolis, MN 55407
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