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Story #85TechTown DetroitDetroit, MI

The revitalization of the American city is the big challenge of our age.

Detroit has one of the worst jobs-per-capita rates among big cities, a struggle since the large manufacturing plants that were spread across the city closed long ago. That fact is something that TechTown Detroit, a nonprofit created to help grow small businesses and jobs, is trying to change.

President and CEO Ned Staebler and his staff are firm believers that small businesses are the primary source of job creation and the key to turning Detroit’s economy around. With TechTown Detroit, they have created a community of opportunity – one that is buzzing with ideas, ambition, and the knowledge that entrepreneurs, both young and old, need in order to succeed.

“Historically our revitalization efforts have been surrounded by big events and big urban renewal projects,” says Staebler. “And the reality is, it hasn’t worked. This time there is no ‘one big thing.’ The next big thing is a thousand little things.”

Business Details

Proprietor: Ned Staebler
440 Burroughs St. Detroit, MI 48202
PH: 313-879-5250 / Website
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