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Story #33Swoon…a bridal salonReno, NV

Who do you want to be on your wedding day, when all these eyes are on you?

Michelle Depoali has been fascinated with wedding dresses as long as she can remember, playing dress-up and collecting vintage petticoats since the age of four. She even wrote her master’s thesis on the subject. While her customers at Swoon Bridal in Reno, Nev. may not share her same obsession, choosing the right dress for their big day is every bit as important.

A third generation Reno native, Depoali moved to San Francisco after college and learned the ropes working at famed bridal salon Marina Morrison. Family life called her back to Reno in 2007, and the following year she opened Swoon. It didn’t take long before trendsetter shopping magazine Lucky named it one of “the coolest bridal salons in the country.”

Depoali understands the artistry of her job is in the experience she provides her clients. “We always say that we’re life coaches, in a way, she says. “You’re ultimately trying to make people feel like their most beautiful selves.”

Grossing $51 billion annually, the American wedding industry is comprised almost entirely by thousands of small businesses like Swoon. And like many of her fellow entrepreneurs, Depoali runs her business with the help of only a couple other dedicated employees.

“People tell me all the time that I have the most fun job in the world, and I do.” she says. “But like any other job, there are really challenging aspects to it. And fatiguing aspects to it. And so you’ve just got to have the stamina to go.”

Nevertheless, Depoali’s passion burns bright as ever. “Dressing up,” she admits, “continues to be my favorite pastime.”


  • Seamstress Sharlee Montano makes adjustments to the dress of bride Jenae Nau at Swoon Bridal Salon.

  • Swoon Bridal Consultant Cheyenne Costello sits with Swoon Manager Alisha Twitchell at Swoon Bridal Salon.

  • Many brides tell Michelle that shopping at Swoon was their favorite part of the entire wedding planning experience. "That makes me really happy that people can look back at this fond memory of this beautiful place."

  • Swoon Bridal Consultant Cheyenne Costello at Swoon Bridal in Reno, NV.

  • For the first three years, owner Michelle Depoali, was the only employee at Swoon. She has since added two more employees, but remains very closely involved. "I have time out of the store," says Michelle. "But I'm always thinking about the store. It's always on my mind."

  • Bride Kristi Bushur tries on a dress at Swoon Bridal Salon.

  • Choosing a wedding dress can be a very difficult decision, and many brides rely on the staff at Swoon Bridal Salon for guidance. "You're ultimately trying to make people feel like their most beautiful selves," says owner Michelle Depoali.

  • For most brides, their wedding dress will be the most expensive and glamorous piece of clothing they ever wear. Swoon Bridal Salon owner Michelle Depoali works closely with brides to ensure their experiences are memorable.

  • Brides Karissa Vannoy (left) and Kaitlyn Pollen trying on wedding gowns at Swoon Bridal Salon in Reno, NV.

Business Details

Proprietor: Michelle Depoali
530 W Plumb Ln. Reno, NV 89509
PH: 775-826-0505 / Website
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