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Story #95Defined PhysiqueBaltimore, MD

Weight is just a byproduct of being fully healthy. What’s your real goal? Who do you really wanna be?

“If your first thought as a personal trainer isn’t to help people, then you’re in the wrong business,” says Robert L. Hobbs, Jr., owner of health and fitness organization Defined Physique in Baltimore, Md. Beyond helping people get in shape, Hobbs takes a personal interest in his clients, helping them realize their true potential both inside and out. 

“We accept all challenges,” says Hobbs, who offers a range of services from group sessions to one-on-one personal training and rehabilitation for people with physical disabilities or who are recovering from injury. Above all, his focus is on the people and the Baltimore community.

“If you’re going to bring a business into a community,” says Hobbs, “You have to make it about that community.”

Business Details

Proprietor: Robert Hobbs Jr.
Baltimore, MD
PH: 443-257-7623 / Website
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