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Story #77Brilliant Futures DaycareBronx, NY

When I opened the daycare my idea was to set roots. And I think that’s what small businesses can do – recreate the areas that we want to grow.

For Angela Salas, the workday is never truly over. In addition to taking care of her own children, Salas runs the at-home child care program, Brilliant Futures Daycare, in the Bronx, N.Y “We try to create a childcare environment that is not just school, but also a second home to the children,” she says.

Salas is a firm believer in the attachment philosophy, which puts forth that a child should develop a relationship with at least one primary caregiver, preferably a parent. With her childcare program, Salas caters to parents in her community who can’t stay home with their kids because they have to work. Brilliant Futures Daycare puts an emphasis on healthy eating and learning through play.

For Salas, her small business is also a way to build a community in her neighborhood of the Bronx. “The truth is that you make your neighborhood. I want to make this neighborhood, I want to make the change I want to see.”

Business Details

Proprietor: Angela Salas
1842 Radcliff Avenue Bronx, NY 10462
PH: 718-502-9455 / Website
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