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Story #34Belmont BarbershopChicago, IL

Every day I open this shop I feel like I’m preserving a classic service.

At Belmont Barbershop in Chicago, owner Josh Cooley takes only straight cash for a straight razor shave.

As Cooley and his stable of barbers say, this is a place where a man can be a man, where he can get pampered, even just for a few minutes. One patron sums up the experience: “We need a place where we can go to look pretty too, right?”

Cooley and his team of barbers offer three things: a haircut, straight razor shave and good conversation. It is the third item that Cooley loves the most, the chance to hear conversations radiating through his shop, listening to the ebb and flow of life breathing amongst the walls.

Step inside the Belmont Barbershop in the short film above.

Business Details

Proprietor: Josh Cooley
2328 W Belmont Ave Chicago, IL 60618
PH: 773-296-0894 / Website
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