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U.S. Bank

U.S. Bank Joins Small Business Revolution

U.S. Bank is joining the Small Business Revolution for another season! Just like in Season 5, U.S. Bank will be offering financial guidance to each of the small businesses featured in Season 6–helping them with everything from understanding key performance indicators to getting a better grasp on sales margins.


Watch U.S. Bank in Action

Watch the trailer to see how U.S. Bank shows up in Season 6 of the Small Business Revolution, working closely with each of our business owners to help guide them to greater financial success.

Financial Guidance from

U.S. Bank:

See how U.S. Bank helps each of the small businesses in Season 6.

Nadine works with the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder to ensure their publishing legacy lives on.

Watch the full episode.

Nadine wants to ensure that Gentlemen Cuts can make a profit, even if taking care of their community is a top priority.

Watch the full episode.

U.S. Bank helps this lipstick startup, Lip Esteem, determine what financial growth looks like.

Watch the full episode.

This financial expert wants to make sure Taste of Rondo—a restaurant opened during the pandemic—is set up for success.

Watch the full episode.

Taking care of their clients and taking care of their business proves to be a challenge for Elsa’s House of Sleep.

Watch the full episode.

Nadine talks about financial expansion for Sammy’s growing business.

Watch the full episode.

Meet Nadine Seivert, U.S. Bank Branch & Portfolio Manager and Vice President

Not only does Nadine have more than 15 years of experience with U.S. Bank, as the daughter of entrepreneurs, she’s personally passionate about helping small business owners. She’s working closely with each of the Season 6 businesses to help understand their financial goals and provide insights from her experience working with small businesses.

Financial Resources

From U.S. Bank

Check out these financial tips and advice from U.S. Bank for help running your small business. 

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