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Salesforce Joins Small Business Revolution
Salesforce is joining the Small Business Revolution for another season, offering up some of their best-in-class customers–deemed Trailblazers–to help our small businesses utilize technology to enhance their customer experience.


Watch Salesforce in Action

Watch the trailer to see how Salesforce will show up in Season 6 of Small Business Revolution, working with each small business to help improve how they use technology to deepen relationships with their customers.



Season 6 Support

See how Salesforce shows up in Season 6.

MSR: See how Shonnah thinks the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder can transform digitally and modernize their operations.

Watch the full episode.

Learn how Justice thinks Gentlemen Cuts can use technology to create a better experience for customers.

Watch the full episode.

Lip Esteem works with Salesforce to implement technology that will help her startup compete in a crowded market.

Watch the full episode.

Check out how Justice thinks Taste of Rondo can use technology to transform their business, started in the midst of the pandemic.

Watch the full episode.

The furniture industry is complicated, but Salesforce proposes solutions to help simplify complex operations at Elsa’s House of Sleep.

Watch the full episode.

These franchise experts work with Sammy to help expand his business.

Watch the full episode.

Behind The Scenes

Get to know the

Salesforce Trailblazers

Justice Sikakane

Director of IT at Hennepin Theatre Trust

Shonnah Hughes

Global Product Growth & Innovation Evangelist at GetFeedback, Inc.

Small Business Revolution Joins in Stories of Resilience
See what advice host Amanda Brinkman, Trailblazer Justice Sikakane, and former co-host and celebrity entrepreneur Robert Herjavec have for small business owners in this episode of Stories of Resilience by Salesforce.

What is Salesforce
Salesforce’s mission is to help companies connect with their customers, with something they refer to as Customer Relationship Management, or CRM. As the #1 CRM platform, their technology helps manage a business’s relationships with customers, including sales, marketing, and customer support. Learn how a CRM might benefit your business at salesforce.com/smallbusiness.

Small Business Resources

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