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Season 2Finalist

Georgetown, SC

  • 3rd
    • Oldest city in the state of South Carolina and home to the second largest seaport, as well.
  • 1526
    • The year some historians claim that American history began with the earliest settlement in North America, which is current-day Georgetown.
  • 2016
    • Hurricane Matthew struck south Georgetown with hard winds and an intense storm surge, causing some of the most severe flood damage in South Carolina.

“Georgetown is a pristine area. This is a wildlife lover’s paradise.”
– Paul Gardner, City Administrator

In the quiet stretch between the bustling cities of Charleston and Myrtle Beach, lucky (or savvy) travelers might stumble across the hidden gem that is Georgetown. The third-oldest city in South Carolina, Georgetown was founded in 1729. With all the magic of a coastal town – fresh seafood, ocean wildlife and a picturesque spot on the water – Georgetown has been hit with far more than its share of difficulties.

A massive fire devastated the downtown business district in 2013, destroying not only businesses, but the family homes tucked in the second and third floors on almost an entire city block. The next year, the elements struck again with what locals call the “Thousand Year Flood,” and many of the same businesses that had burned in the recent fire were then flooded. As if that weren’t enough, Hurricane Matthew hit and could have been the third strike that would take out Georgetown.

“I really believe we’re an untapped resource. We have all those things about living on the coast that are magical. It’s tough to beat.”
– Paul Gardner

But Georgetown is remarkably resilient. Facing not one but three major disasters that could bring another town to its knees, the business owners of Georgetown are surrounded by a passionate and supportive community who rallied together, over and over again. As City Administrator Paul Gardner puts it, “It’s because of that spirit that I believe in our future.”

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