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Season 2

Episode 7: Discover, Learn & Grow

A former school teacher in the Philadelphia School District, Ramona Jones loves working with young children, preparing them for their future schooling. She was driven to begin Discover, Learn and Grow to help children be better prepared for kindergarten.

After her son Marcelous graduated from college, he couldn’t think of anything he’d rather do than work with his mom in the family business. With a demand for children to know so much when they start school, Discover, Learn and Grow’s mission is to teach the children as much as they can, but also leave them with a history of the community of Bristol Borough.

Giving the children an education is the easy part. Getting the business’s name out to potential clients has been a challenge. Amanda Brinkman didn’t have to look far for an expert in episode seven when she brings in Ron McGuckin, a Bristol Borough attorney and national expert on child care law. Robert Herjavec offers the Jones’ some advice on ways to increase their take home pay, while also providing an affordable option for parents in the area.

Watch as Deluxe provides Discover, Learn & Grow with a better website and more to help them build that trust needed from a child care business.

How we transformed

Discover, Learn & Grow

Dig deeper into the thought and decisions that guided the Deluxe team as they developed Discover’s marketing strategy.

Get to know the characters in this episode:

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