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Season 2

Episode 8: Bristol Finale

In the finale, all the work the Deluxe marketing team and the Small Business Revolution has done for the town comes together. Including a new website that better reflects the resurgence of the town and the businesses that are helping it grow back to what it once was, as well as other updates to help improve things around the town and make it more visitor-friendly.

In addition, Deluxe team members came to town to do presentations and meet with other business owners one-on-one to give them helpful tips to succeed with their own businesses. Already, there’s excitement for the changes, with more people visiting and showing interest in moving to Bristol Borough. This episode closes out Amanda Brinkman and Robert Herjavec’s time in Bristol Borough and shows the final transformation take shape. Watch as Bristol Borough takes the Small Business Revolution momentum and moves forward with their new beginning.

Meet Season 3 Winner

Alton, IL

We’re not stopping! The mission to revitalize Main Streets continues with Alton, IL – get to know this historic Civil War town on the banks of the Mississippi.

Get to know the characters in this episode:

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