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Season 3

Episode 2: Morrison’s Irish Pub

Step into Morrison’s Irish Pub and you feel like you’re walking into a pub in Ireland. From the décor, to the sea shanty singers, to the traditional Irish fare and large selection of whiskey, Morrison’s brings Ireland to Illinois. However, Lisa Morrison, Mary Morrison and Katey Vankirk have been struggling since they opened in 2015, most recently thinking of closing their doors.

Enter Amanda Brinkman and Minneapolis Restaurateur, Kim Bartmann, to determine what the ladies of Morrison’s can do to get themselves in the black. Ty Pennington comes in to offer some ideas on the outdoor façade as well as a new way to display the pride and joy of Morrison’s, the whiskey selection.

The Deluxe team will work to help bring in more customers to Morrison’s via a new website and correcting their Google and TripAdvisor listings. In this episode, Deluxe updates the Morrison’s website and branding, and designs multiple menus that showcase the wide array of food and drink selections. Pour a glass of whiskey and see if the ladies at Morrison’s can turn their struggles into successes in this episode. Slainté!


Morrison’s Irish Pub

Dig deeper into the thought and decisions that guided the Deluxe team as they developed Morrison’s marketing strategy.

Get to know the characters in this episode:

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