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Season 3

Episode 4: Shampooches Dog Grooming

Alicia Jeffreys has a passion for dogs, and for showing her daughters what a strong businesswoman looks like. She opened Shampooches Dog Grooming in 2015 and has been putting in long hours ever since. She struggles with bookkeeping and doesn’t have a website to market Shampooches correctly.

Deluxe’s Amanda Brinkman is joined by Jennifer-Bishop Jenkins, an International Certified Master Groomer and owner of Chicago’s Love Fur Dogs, to see if they can help Alicia find more ways to turn a profit, and maybe find more work-life balance.

Working alongside the Deluxe team is TV personality, Ty Pennington, who provides advice on ways for Alicia to spruce up her space and make it more inviting for her clients. In this episode, Deluxe creates a new logo, website, social media tips and tricks to get her noticed, along with a wide array of branded merchandise to take Shampooches to the next level.

How we transformed

Shampooches Dog Grooming

Dig deeper into the thought and decisions that guided the Deluxe team as they developed Shampooches’ marketing strategy.

Get to know the characters in this episode:

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