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Season 6

Episode 2: Gentlemen Cuts

Terrell Smith, aka Mr. Red, always knew he wanted to be his own boss. With a flair for styling, he received his barber’s license in 2002, working at various local shops in and around St. Paul, Minnesota. In 2014, he finally made the leap to open his own place, Gentlemen Cuts, a true neighborhood barbershop where the conversation is as compelling as the cuts. Things were buzzing until the pandemic hit, with appointments and walk-ins nearly drying up.

To create more energy and bring in new clients, Deluxe tapped the talented Houston White, a multi-faceted entrepreneur whose barbershop has evolved into a vibrant, commercial hub in North Minneapolis. As Houston helps Terrell reimagine both his space and business model, the Deluxe team freshens up the shop’s branding and builds a new website with an extra twist. See if Terrell and his master barbers are ready to embrace all the changes.


Website Design

Like the stylish website our team designed for Gentlemen Cuts? See how our experienced team of web experts can help you promote your business online.

Get to know the characters in this episode:

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