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Season 1

Episode 2: Harry’s Old Kettle Pub & Grill

This is the story of one chef’s dream to turn a Wabash institution into the restaurant he has always wanted. It’s a dream that has consumed Harry and Judy Kilmer since the day they bought The Old Kettle in 2011. Thousands of dollars in, turning a former bar into a pub and grill remains elusive, despite the couple’s best intentions. They needed a nudge forward to help turn a vision into reality, bringing Harry’s Old Kettle Pub & Grill to life.

Amanda Brinkman and Robert Herjavec dug into the business with Harry and Judy, finding good cash flow but the lack of a business plan. In episode two, we show him how things like menu design and being findable online are critical to having a successful restaurant. Together, we help him make his restaurant dreams a reality, with a few special surprises along the way.

How we transformed

Harry’s Old Kettle

Dig deeper into the thought and decisions that guided the Deluxe team as they developed Harry’s marketing strategy.

Get to know the characters in this episode:

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