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Season 4

Episode 3: ARganic Woodwork

ARganic Woodwork started in January of 2019, built on purpose and heart. Coty Skinner, an Army vet discharged sooner than expected, needed something to not only give him purpose in life, but help others as well. After meeting his wife, Meghan, they started pursuing that purpose through the foster care community by bringing children into their homes and giving them the type of love and comfort that all children deserve. It was through the foster community that Coty started to see a need.

Knowing it is difficult for large foster families to eat at one table, Coty took it upon himself to start building large, foster-family focused tables. From there, his woodworking career took off. As a start-up, Coty needs help getting the word out about his business, and his desire to hire veterans and former foster children.

That’s where the Deluxe team jumps in to take Coty’s marketing to the next level. With a new website and other marketing materials, he’ll be well on his way to becoming a household name in Arkansas. In addition, they’ve brought along Willie Willette, owner of Willie Willette Works in Minneapolis, who shares his business and woodworking expertise. Ty Pennington brings his carpentry skills to give Coty the confidence he needs to take his business to the next level. Tune into this episode to see the first start-up featured on the show!

How we transformed

ARganic Woodwork

Dig deeper into the thoughts and decisions that guided the Deluxe team as they developed ARganic Woodwork’s marketing strategy.

Get to know the characters in this episode:

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