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Season 4

Episode 6: Zion Climbing and Event Center

A non-profit with an intention of promoting community, Zion has been open for 12 years. Sean and Emily Hudkins started the center to be a place for everyone to feel welcome and congregate and climb together. Their passion for the business shines through every time they speak on the topic, but for being in business so long, Zion still struggles to bring in enough money to survive and their location is in desperate need of renovations.

Amanda Brinkman and the Deluxe experts bring in Kathryn Wyatt of Base Camp, a St. Paul organization similar to Zion run by the Boy Scouts, to help Zion better describe their mission and work with their board to start fundraising for a new location. The Deluxe marketing team updates the Zion branding and website to describe their mission and get more members of the community holding team building events at the space. Ty Pennington comes in to determine how to update the current Zion space while they decide their next move.

Running a small business is never easy and sometimes unexpected things happen in life. This episode shows how tough it can be to make important decisions about your business. Watch to see if Sean and Emily can power through and give Zion a lasting impact on the community.

How we transformed


Dig deeper into the thoughts and decisions that guided the Deluxe team as they developed Zion’s marketing strategy.

Get to know the characters in this episode:

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