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Season 4

Episode 5: Nooma Yoga Studio

Casey Cox and Nicole Hopkins were looking for more purpose in their lives. Finding their passion in working out and yoga, they decided to open their own studio. Nooma is unlike most yoga studios, which is why they call themselves a mind body experience studio.

On top of a hard workout, Nooma is empowering and enlightening. With the success of their Searcy location, they opened two more locations in Arkansas, making it seem like Casey and Nicole were on top of the world. However, running three studios and trying to make a profit turned out to be more than they were ready for.

Deluxe experts are joined by Anytime Fitness Brand President, Stacy Anderson, to help Casey and Nicole start turning a profit on all their studios and learn more about franchising. In addition, the Deluxe marketing team updated Nooma’s current website and other marketing efforts to tell their story better. Ty Pennington steps in to offer his best yoga poses and some advice on how to expand their studio. Watching this episode, you’ll learn the true meaning of being a “Mompreneur” and might be empowered to follow your own dreams.

How we transformed


Dig deeper into the thoughts and decisions that guided the Deluxe team as they developed Nooma’s marketing strategy.

Get to know the characters in this episode:

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