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Season 4

Episode 8: Searcy Finale

The Deluxe team’s time in Searcy wraps up in the final episode of Season 4. In this episode, town leaders Mat Faulkner and Amy Burton head to Season 2 winner, Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania, to learn how to leverage the help from Deluxe, learning how to market their community and attract new businesses. In addition, Deluxe is also providing help beautifying the community, with an updated pocket park and new mural for their downtown arts district.

Deluxe’s Amanda Brinkman sits down with all the businesses to discuss the impact Small Business Revolution has had not only on their businesses but the community in general. And Amanda and Ty Pennington draw this season to a close with final speeches at Searcy’s Beat & Eats celebration. This season in Searcy was impactful not only on the Deluxe team, but on the people of Searcy. Watch this episode to see everything come to a close and the hope this town has for their future.

Season 5

Who will be next?

Searcy, Arkansas changed its trajectory – now watch as we continue our mission to revitalize small businesses. Follow the journey as we find the next town.

Get to know the characters in this episode:

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