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Season 5

Episode 3: Fresh & Fancy Floral Design Studio

Charlotte Herlong and her son, Michael, understand the personal side of sending flowers. As co-owners of Fredonia’s only flower shop, Fresh & Fancy Floral Design Studio, they’ve had over thirty years of creating custom flower arrangements for every occasion and milestone in their customers’ lives. But as lovely as their bouquets are, the financial pressures of the industry and changes in consumer purchasing are bearing down on the mother and son duo.

To give this beloved flower business a renewed sense of confidence, Deluxe brought in Amy Backman, owner of Spruce Flowers & Home, an independent shop in Minneapolis. The team from Deluxe reinvigorates the shop’s web presence, while Ty Pennington’s reno ideas add a little bit of ‘fresh’ and a whole lot of ‘fancy’. See how this transformation helps this longstanding business bloom once again.


Logo Design

Like the logo our team designed for Fresh & Fancy Floral Design Studio? See how our experienced team can create a design you’ll be proud to display everywhere.

Get to know the characters in this episode:

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