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Season 5

Episode 6: Vineyards Golf Course

Since 1936, Fredonia’s only public golf course has survived economic downturns, ownership changes and shifts in the sports’ popularity. But it wasn’t until local golfer Debbie Mancuso purchased the course in 2018, that it returned to 18-holes after being split into two 9-hole courses and falling into disrepair. While the golf industry is experiencing an uptick, Debbie’s huge investment to revive the playability of the course is at risk due to misconceptions the course is unplayable or even closed.

To jumpstart the operation, Deluxe brought in Mike Luckraft, PGA General Manager and Director of Golf at Legends Club, to help Debbie reimagine new revenue streams inside and outside the clubhouse. The marketing team at Deluxe goes to work on reestablishing the course’s online footprint with a new website and a refreshed brand to connect and convince golfers in the area that Vineyards is definitely open for business, while Ty Pennington helps raise the roof on a new barn idea. See if Debbie’s dream of bringing golf back to Fredonia comes true.


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