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Season 5

Episode 7: Literacy Volunteers of Chautauqua County

Literacy Volunteers of Chautauqua County (LVCC) is dedicated to transforming the lives of individuals through the doorway of literacy. Executive Director Julie LaGrow understands the positive impact her non-profit has on her students, which is why she works tirelessly to manage volunteers and fundraising efforts to keep LVCC’s mission alive. But the pandemic has hit LVCC particularly hard, leaving this vital organization at risk of closing its doors.

Deluxe brings in Mikisha Nation, Executive Director of the Twin Cities chapter of Teach For America, to advise Julie on how to organize LVCC to execute its growing mission while raising the money to fund it. The branding and marketing teams from Deluxe jump in to further help LVCC clarify its mission online, while renovation expert Ty Pennington reimagines LVCC’s space to create an optimal learning environment. See how this transformation helps this non-profit continue to transform lives.


Website Design

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Get to know the characters in this episode:

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