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Season 5

Episode 1: Nyce & Clean Auto Detailing

Mike Plaza, aka Mic Nyce, officially opened Nyce & Clean in 2018 to bring the best auto detailing services to Fredonia, NY. From humble beginnings cleaning cars in his backyard, Mike soon took the leap to a dedicated garage to keep up with growing demand. While his attention to detail and strong work ethic kept the doors open, his shop wasn’t reaching the sales and profit goals needed to allow Mike to leave his second job at the steel plant.

To uncover new revenue ideas, Deluxe brought in Mylan Sleets and Hiep Dang, owners of Pristine Detail, a popular detail shop in Minneapolis whose startup story mirrored Mike’s. As Mylan and Hiep find the perfect new service to bring in-house, the Deluxe team gives a little polish to Nyce & Clean’s brand and website, while Ty Pennington’s remodel suggestion brings this makeover story to another level. See if Mike’s side hustle is able to turn into his longtime dream.


Online Directories

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Get to know the characters in this episode:

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