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Season 2 WinnerBristol Borough, PA

In early 2017, Deluxe received 14,000 nominations for towns representing all 50 states, as we sought one special small town that needed a boost. We narrowed the field to five finalists, and after nearly 1 million votes, Bristol Borough was named the winner!

The transformation was captured in an original eight-episode series telling the story of the inspiring people we met and the challenges they faced. Take a look below to learn more about what makes Bristol Borough so special, and then be sure to check out Season 2 to see their story unfold!

About the Town

Bristol Borough embodies the tough, gritty attitude that’s associated with nearby Philadelphia. But take one stroll down historic Mill Street, and you’ll sense a uniquely tight-knit community. From small business owners to local residents to elected officials, everyone is rooting for the entire town’s success.

That camaraderie has fueled Bristol’s success for centuries. Nestled along the picturesque Delaware River, Bristol is among Pennsylvania’s oldest boroughs, and it serves as a microcosm of the national economy. Amid the industrial boom, Bristol was the commercial hub of surrounding Bucks County. As traditional industry left, so did the jobs.

Today, Bristol is a melting pot, comprising people from all walks of life. And thanks to a concerted effort by groups like the nonprofit Raising the Bar, Bristol is experiencing a renaissance. Its downtown is filled with passionate business owners – from the husband-and-wife duo behind a longstanding auto shop, to the owner of an edgy women’s boutique, to a proud immigrant who runs a popular boxing and MMA gym. A renowned performing arts theater has become a regional draw. Brand-new “day docks” are expected to draw a flood of tourists via the Delaware River.

Bill Pezza, president of Raising the Bar, calls Bristol the “best undiscovered town in Bucks County.” In truth, it might just be the best undiscovered town in America. And with 20 million people residing within a two-hour train ride, the possibilities are endless for this inspiring town.

  • Historic Mill Street

    Historic Mill Street, which serves as the main artery of Bristol Borough’s downtown business district.

  • View of downtown Bristol Borough

    View of downtown Bristol Borough from the Delaware River, which is often referred to as the community’s greatest asset. In 2017, highly anticipated “day docks” were installed, allowing tourists to dock their boats and patronize Bristol’s downtown businesses.

  • The historic King George II Inn

    The historic King George II Inn was founded in 1681 and is considered the United States’ longest continually operating inn. Today, it houses a phenomenal restaurant with five distinct dining rooms, a historic tavern and a stunning riverfront patio.

  • Bristol Borough


  • Bristol Borough
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