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Season 4Meet the Characters

Whilma Frogoso

Whilma’s Filipino Restaurant

Whilma Frogoso and her husband came to America to give their children a better life than what they had in the Philippines. Coming to the land of opportunity, Whilma took it upon herself to open her own restaurant that brought the food she grew up with to the people of Searcy. With very few Filipino restaurants in the state of Arkansas, Whilma has a chance to stand out, but she finds it hard to hire a new chef that she trusts with her recipes while reaching customers unfamiliar with her type of food. With her children helping her every step of the way, Whilma’s Filipino Restaurant is hoping to become a household name in Searcy and Deluxe may have just the right tools to help that happen.

Whilma’s episode is one of opportunity, passion and heart and is almost certain to bring happy tears to anyone’s eyes!

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