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Season 4Meet the Characters

Sean and Emily Hudkins

Zion Climbing and Event Center

Zion Climbing and Event Center, the first non-profit featured on Small Business Revolution, has been around for 12 years in Searcy. Originally started as a for-profit business, Sean and Emily’s intention with Zion was always to promote community rather than a business designed to create financial wealth. Listening to Sean and Emily talk about their non-profit, you can tell they have such a passion and love for not only Zion, but the community of Searcy. However, they need help defining their mission for their non-profit as well and the way they raise funds.

Deluxe is hoping to not only help market Zion to increase the fundraising dollars coming in, but also create a better mission that can communicate what they do for the community. As one of the most beloved gathering places in town, we’re hoping to help Sean and Emily find its true potential.

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