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Season 2Meet the Characters

Ramona Jones and Marcelous Jones

Owners, Discover Learn & Grow

Open for less than a year, Discover Learn & Grow is an amazing child care and learning center located on Mill Street in Bristol Borough. Run by Ramona Jones and her son Marcelous, this early learning center is all about love and a passion for helping children grow. With a deep background in early child development, Ramona loves her job and she has brought that spirit to her son, who is an equal partner in the business.

For Ramona and Marcelous, bringing their dreams and desires to their small business every day is something that they are deeply passionate about. Discover Learn & Grow is the last of the six business stories we are telling this year and you will love their journey.

  1. What does living and working in Bristol Borough mean to you?
    Working in Bristol Borough has a deep meaning. Aside from the large amount of history in the area and the blending of many heritages and cultures within the Borough limits, Bristol Borough encompasses the meaning of “family.” Where you are welcomed, loved, supported and expected to do the same to all of those who live and pass through the town.

  2. How did you feel when Bristol Borough won Small Business Revolution?
    When Bristol Borough won the contest, we were very excited. Not only for the opportunity it would offer to better our community, but the fact that it would put Bristol Borough back on the map. Now, we can display the pride, love, diversity and hardworking citizens who call Bristol Borough home.

  3. What was one big struggle you were facing before Amanda and Robert came to Bristol Borough?
    One of the main problems we were experiencing was that we were not receiving the recognition we needed. We were not out in the community and a lot of people did not know we were here.

  4. What was your favorite part of the Small Business Revolution experience?
    The learning aspect. Our profession is teaching/instructing children, so it was great to learn and be taught something ourselves. This experience has taught us a lot about ourselves, managing time, marketing our business, building our brand, involvement in the community, etc. But one thing that we will value most is the strengthened bond it created between us as a family.

  5. What was the hardest part of the Small Business Revolution experience for you?
    The hardest part was opening our business to the valuable criticism and suggestions provided. It was initially tough getting the criticism, but realizing through the process that it was only going to help, made it easier to swallow. The way Deluxe broke our business down and really enhanced our strengths and strengthened our weaknesses, though challenging, was an experience we are grateful for.

  6. What have you learned about yourself in this process? What have you learned about your business?
    We have learned a tremendous amount and have increased not only our confidence in ourselves, but also our business. We could proudly show that Discover, Learn & Grow offers some of the best educational practices in the area for a reasonable price, with a safe environment that is focused on the growth of the child and strengthening of the family structure. The process has helped us confidently promote ourselves.

  7. What is the one thing you hope viewers take away from this season in Bristol Borough?
    Running a small business in a small town is very challenging. Starting out you might see more loss than gain, but the biggest reward is seeing the smile on your customer’s faces.

  8. One word you would use to describe your experience?

  9. Would you do this again?
    Yes, because it has brought our family closer. We have also gotten closer with the other small businesses and Bristol Borough community and have met and worked with so many wonderful, genuine people who we now call “family.”

  10. What services provided by Deluxe did you find to be the most helpful to you and your business?
    Deluxe has given us so much valuable advice and services that have proven to be beneficial to our business. We truly feel the marketing, with the website and social media, as well as the training from Deluxe has made us a better business. We are now able to get our name out there and fully promote the services that we offer.

  11. What was one piece of advice Robert or Amanda gave that will stick with you well beyond SBR?
    The one piece of advice that will stick with us is “if you’re not making money, you are not running a business and then you can’t be helpful to your customers.” We took that to heart because we had struggled with raising our care prices. The moment in Minnesota, when Robert and Amanda broke down how much more profitable we would be with just a small increase made us realize that if we are struggling to pay the bills and not being profitable, then that takes away from our passion and the children will be the ones suffering. Our passion is to see the children flourish and to become great members of the community, we can only do that when we have the business aspect in order.

  12. What would you say to other small businesses or people in small towns thinking of nominating their town?
    This is much more than a contest, it’s a lifestyle change. Your business, family and community can and will benefit from this experience. Deluxe is doing an amazing thing, they are putting the small business first and in doing so, they are revitalizing our small town and making us relevant again!

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