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Season 2Meet the Characters

Miguel Velez III

Owner, Miguel’s Riverside Barber Shop

For as long as he can remember, Miguel Velez III has loved the science of the barber shop. The owner of Miguel’s Barber Shop in downtown Bristol Borough, Velez operates a three-chair shop where conversation and camaraderie are all part of the experience. A craftsman, Velez makes his customers feel at home and he thrives in new and old styles. But make sure you make an appointment, because the shop is booked most days and Velez and his barbers are in high demand. This is the story of Miguel’s Barber Shop.

  1. What does living and working in Bristol Borough mean to you?
    Working in Bristol Borough means a lot to me. It’s where I was raised, it’s my hometown.

  2. How did you feel when Bristol Borough won Small Business Revolution?
    When Bristol Borough won the main street contest I was thrilled. I had every person I could think of voting for my town. I knew it would help the town enormously. It was that boost of confidence we all needed.

  3. What was one big struggle you were facing before Amanda and Robert came to Bristol Borough?
    One of my biggest struggles was that I had no space to expand my business nor did I have the funding I needed to do so. I was at a plateau.

  4. What was your favorite part of the Small Business Revolution experience?
    Meeting and getting to know the people behind the Small Business Revolution, they were awesome and easy to work with. They made this experience an unforgettable one.

  5. What was the hardest part of the Small Business Revolution experience for you?
    The scheduling and coordinating of photo shoots, meetings, conference calls, etc. Due to the nature of my job and being appointments only, it was difficult having to schedule around that.

  6. What have you learned about yourself in this process? What have you learned about your business?
    I’ve learned I have a lot of patience, as well as how to multitask. One thing I’ve learned about my business is that it has way more potential than I thought.

  7. What is the one thing you hope viewers take away from this season in Bristol Borough?
    I hope they see the time and effort it takes to put into your business. It’s not easy running any business, but if you’re passionate enough about it and have the right guidance, it can become successful. Anything is possible.

  8. One word you would use to describe your experience?

  9. Would you do this again?
    I don’t think I would do this again. Only because there is so much time involved and it is hard to be away from my business.

  10. What services provided by Deluxe did you find to be the most helpful to you and your business?
    The most helpful service provided to my business was the new website.

  11. What was one piece of advice Robert or Amanda gave that will stick with you well beyond SBR?
    One piece of advice that has stuck with me was from Robert, he told me I need to be more efficient with my timing on my services I provide.

  12. What would you say to other small businesses or people in small towns thinking of nominating their town?
    I would definitely tell other small towns who are thinking of nominating their town to absolutely do it. It generates an amazing buzz in your town, which most small towns need. It creates a bond throughout the town, everyone is uplifting and supportive. The help you get from Small Business Revolution is truly a blessing.

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