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Season 3Meet the Characters

Merry Lovett and Brad Chavours

Lovett’s Soul Food

“This place was my grandfather’s dream, but now it’s my dream.”

In order to fund the large Lovett family reunions each year, Merry Lovett and her son, Brad Chavours, would make large batches of their amazing soul food, like snoots, chicken and catfish and sell it to friends in and around Alton. Realizing the huge demand for their food, they took the plunge to open their own restaurant. In 2014, Lovett’s Snoots, Fish, Chicken & More became a reality in Upper Alton.

At the urge of almost every one of their patrons, Merry and Brad put in their application to be one of the six businesses featured this year because their marketing was in dire need of help. While Merry has a separate full-time job, Brad cooks, serves and delivers food, so there isn’t a lot of time to spend marketing the business. They rely heavily on word of mouth, but that’s not enough. Merry and Brad and the entire Lovett family add some extra soul into this year’s lineup of businesses.

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