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Season 6Meet the Characters

Maurice Blanks

Blu Dot

Maurice Blanks is Co-Founder and Chief Operating Office of Blu Dot, the Minneapolis-based modern home furnishings company. When Maurice and his partners started Blu Dot in 1997, they vowed to design the company itself as carefully as they designed their products. They applied the spirit and the concepts that informed their product design process—simplicity, efficiency, humility, collaboration—to all parts of the business, from the brand to the supply chain to the company culture. He’s partnered with Elsa’s House of Sleep from Season 6 to help them simplify complex business operations.

Prior to Blu Dot, Maurice practiced architecture in Chicago, most recently in his own firm, Maurice Blanks Architects. He has a BA from Williams College and MA from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Maurice currently serves on the boards of the Minneapolis Institute of Art, the Minneapolis Foundation, Arc Minnesota and the Advisory Board of The College of Design at the University of Minnesota.

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