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Season 1Meet the Characters

Kent Henderson and Kris White

Owner / Manager, Schlemmer Brothers

Kent Henderson is the fourth generation owner of Schlemmer Brothers, metalworks and retail hearth shop that has been in business since 1903. Schlemmer Brothers is known in Wabash for their sheet metal work, their hardware store that features stoves and grills, and their chimney sweeping service. An engineer by trade, Henderson devotes much of his time to the custom sheet metal shop, which carries 60 percent of Schlemmer Brothers business. Henderson lives in Wabash with his wife, Julie, and their two children.

Kris White is the manager at Schlemmer Brothers retail store in downtown Wabash. White spent five years as a corrections officer prior to joining the Schlemmer Brothers team as an installer. After a few months as an installer, White began managing the Schlemmer Brothers retail business including the stove, fireplace, grill and hardware sales. White lives in Wabash with his wife, Amber, and two kids.

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