Season 4Meet the Characters

Kathryn Wyatt

Featured Expert
Director, Base Camp

Kathryn Wyatt is the director of Base Camp in Minnesota, an experiential education team building and leadership facility for youth groups, corporations, Scouts, schools, all in the Twin Cities area. Base Camp’s mission is to serve all youth through field trips, lock-ins, retreats, summer camps, private parties and community group activities and Kathryn has been involved with the organization from the very beginning. With a degree from the University of Minnesota in recreation, park & leisure studies, she has been a camping professional for more than 10 years.

Kathryn grew up attending YMCA camp and canoeing all over the Boundary Waters, Canada and the Northwest territories. In college, she worked at summer and winter camps for children. Since starting her career with the Northern Star Council and Base Camp, Kathryn has worked with Cub Scout programs, camp facilities and programs for church and community groups.

She brings a passion for experiential education and connecting kids to positive experiences.

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