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Season 3Meet the Characters

Juanita Copeland & Mike Stankiewicz

President / Sound Engineer, Sound Emporium

Juanita Copeland is the president, Chief Operating Officer and general manager of Sound Emporium, one of the most renowned and busiest recording studios in Nashville.

Copeland has been in Nashville since 1990, working for Mercury Records, Almo Sounds Records, Pioneer Music Group, GMF Music and Hippo Productions in addition to her time as general manager of the Sound Emporium. A life-long lover of all music, she brings a passion to her work that is second to none. She brings a very well-rounded plethora of experience to her position and to quote Robert Plant, “Juanita is always cheery and makes you feel so welcome whenever you are at the Sound Emporium.”

She first came to Sound Emporium in 1995 and after label closures, and new owners, she has remained and has been able to turn things around so that they are one of Nashville’s most sought-after destinations for those seeking a top-notch recording facility. She has managed to make the Sound Emporium one of Nashville’s busiest studios, running 80-90 percent booked at any given time. Projects recorded at the Sound Emporium have recently earned eight Grammy’s over the past three years. Juanita is very well respected and considered to be an industry leader when it comes to successful management of a commercial recording facility.

Mike Stankiewicz is an engineer, mixer, and producer living and working in Nashville, Tennessee at the historic Sound Emporium Studios. He discovered his passion for making records during high school after attending a summer program at Berklee College of Music where he later received his degree in Music Production and Engineering.

After graduating from college, Mike quickly moved to Nashville in pursuit of a career in the thriving music industry there. While interning at a studio on music row, he was referred to a position at the Sound Emporium. Having worked at the studio for over 6 years, he is now the Chief Engineer and has had a hand in making records by artists including Kesha, Cole Swindell, Shooter Jennings, Mindy Smith, Grant-Lee Phillips, and many more.

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