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Season 3Meet the Characters

Jay (Hart) Stanley and Alex St. Cin

Lighthouse Sounds

“It could be the future for the rest of our lives.”

As two of the youngest business owners in Alton, and the youngest ever featured on the show, Hart and Alex, owners of Lighthouse Sounds, bring a vibe unlike any the Small Business Revolution has seen. The two opened a full-service recording studio in 2016, and they are still experiencing the growing pains of any new business, earning credibility in town and with artists who could become possible clients. With Hart as the studio manager and Alex as the chief engineer, they have formed a strong working bond. Now, thanks to Hart’s financial investment into a new space in Alton, they are seeking to open a larger, more modern studio.

With Hart putting all his money into the business and a desire to succeed and make this is a full-time job, he and Alex sought help from the Small Business Revolution to put their stamp on the recording studio map. Being the only cast members who went into business as friends, their dynamic and unique business will bring an even better story to this year’s lineup.

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