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Season 4Meet the Characters

Coty Skinner

ARganic Woodwork

While serving his country in Afghanistan, Coty Skinner suffered a head injury that ultimately led to leaving the Army sooner than he had planned. This change in career path left him seeking work that had a purpose in his life and for those around him. With the encouragement of his wife, Megan, they pursued their purpose through the foster care community, giving homes to children in need in the Searcy area. When they became part of that community, Coty saw a need to provide another service by creating custom dinner tables for these larger, blended families as well as families with disabled children. After crafting tables and other custom pieces, ARganic Woodwork was born.

Starting his business in January of this year, Coty is the first start-up business owner Deluxe has worked with on the show. Coty has the determination to get his business moving, but he needs Deluxe’s help to provide him with a website that can serve as a showcase for his work.

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