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Season 4Meet the Characters

Nicole Hopkins and Casey Cox

Nooma Yoga Studio

Casey Cox and Nicole Hopkins take the term “Mompreneur” to a whole new level. They were both at points in their lives where they were looking for more purpose. With both turning to fitness and yoga, they made the move to open their own yoga studio in Searcy. However, calling them a “yoga studio” doesn’t quite describe the vibe they have created. Nooma Yoga Studio is more than hot yoga, it’s an experience, and people who go in for a class come out with a new respect for the work Casey and Nicole have put in to make this a place where everyone feels welcome. With three locations in Arkansas, Casey and Nicole have built Nooma Yoga Studio into something that has the potential to expand across the country.

Deluxe is working with Casey and Nicole to not only give them a website that better represents them, but they’re bringing real world advice for possible franchising, a first for Small Business Revolution. Their episode should come with a warning: “Watching may cause extreme empowerment!”

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