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Season 3Meet the Characters

Benjamin Golley

Today’s Beauty Supply

“Even if you have a setback, that’s a setup for a comeback.”

Benjamin Golley has owned Today’s Beauty Supply for almost 20 years. He saw a need in his community, one that wasn’t being filled by big box retailers, so he took action. Along the way, Benjamin grew from a business owner to a community leader, opening Today’s Place, a safe space for kids in the neighborhood to come after school, where he provides snacks and a comfortable spot to do homework. Over the course of the last few years, Today’s Place has quickly become Benjamin’s passion, with Today’s Beauty Supply providing the means to support his goals.

Benjamin applied to be featured on the show because he’s in a part of the community that doesn’t always get positive attention. He wants to put a spotlight on a part of Alton that has some amazing people in it and even better stories to tell. He brings a dose of positivity and perseverance to this year’s Alton cast and he is truly one of a kind.

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