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Season 5Meet the Characters

Amy Backman

Owner, Spruce Flowers & Events

Amy Backman is the owner of Spruce, a premier floral design studio in Minneapolis. Her business model is rooted in old-fashioned service and exceptional design, something Amy has coined “new fashioned.” Her passion for floral design started in 1988 when she landed an after-school job at a family-owned florist.

After leaving her corporate career in 2010—equipped with a degree in retail merchandising and valuable experience in product display, design, and marketing—Amy opened Spruce in her local Minneapolis neighborhood. She credits Season 5 partner, U.S. Bank, for the funding assistance she needed to establish her business; which, as it turns out, was a great investment. Amy has opened multiple location’s since Spruce’s inception and initial success. But after recognizing that most customers today purchase flowers online or over the phone, Spruce consolidated into one location in Northeast Minneapolis in 2017.

Inspired by exceptional design, Amy leads a team of talented florists and designers. She runs her business with a focus on creating an easy, memorable customer experience throughout every step of the journey. She’s been named Entrepreneur of the Month by WomenVenture and has been honored by multiple women’s leadership organizations as a female entrepreneur.

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