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Season 4Meet the Characters

Amelia Brackett Braun and Josie Braun

Savor + Sip Coffeehouse

Amelia Brackett Braun and Josie Braun are the youngest business owners ever featured on Small Business Revolution. They opened Savor + Sip Coffeehouse because Amelia always liked the idea of running her own business. The creperie came into the mix since crepes were a staple in Amelia’s house and there’s no other place in Searcy to get them. With a built-out, beautiful space in Searcy’s downtown, they still struggle to attract customers outside of the local college crowd. With some marketing help from Deluxe, they’re hoping to become the place to hang out in Searcy.

On top of running a business and being part of the show, Amelia and Josie were planning a wedding while working to get Josie, who is originally from Canada, a green card so she can stay and help with the business. With so much on their plates, their episode shows the determination of young entrepreneurs who are driven to succeed.

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