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Season 6

July 30, 2021

Season 6 Filming Wrap-Up

For Season 6, the Small Business Revolution has returned home to Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota to celebrate and share the stories of Black-owned businesses. Before the season launches this fall, we wanted to give you a sneak peek to what we call “finale week,” which closes out filming for the season.

During finale week, business owners finally see long-awaited makeover improvements—from physical updates to their business to marketing solutions. Let’s dive into more detail about exactly what’s captured during this exciting week.


Physical Updates

Co-hosts Amanda Brinkman and Baron Davis, along with our small business experts, toured through physical updates at each of six featured businesses. Interior renovations range from new paint, new floors, to wallpaper and graphic murals capturing the business’s new brand. This season, we have some exciting partners, like 3M, that helped contribute to the renovations. We can’t wait for you to see the updated interiors and expansions – there are major surprises in store!

Marketing Updates

Amanda and Baron, along with each business’s dedicated experts, joined the business owners to discuss the strategies implemented for continued growth. From increasing their online presence to brand redesigns and website refreshes, the marketing experts worked with the featured businesses to create a strong digital marketing strategy and presence.

To help business owners increase their brand impact, they each received branded apparel and promotion items with their refreshed logo designs. Everyone loves fun SWAG items, but most importantly, the products will reinforce new branding at every customer touchpoint.

Pay-It-Forward Segments

For Seasons 5 and 6, we’ve given the featured business owners an opportunity to pay it forward to an organization of their choice. During finale week, we filmed each of the business owners surprising the recipient with a monetary gift to help their small business or non-profit gain momentum. Be sure to have tissues nearby this fall when we reveal the pay-it-forward moments!


What’s next?

Now the hard and long process occurs of editing hundreds of hours of footage to help the season and storylines come together. In the meantime, we’ll continue to bring you behind-the-scenes content on social media and our blog.




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