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Season 6

February 25, 2021

Q&A with the Season 6 Co-Host, Baron Davis


Season 6 of the Small Business Revolution will be a slight twist on seasons past—while we’ll still feature small businesses like we’ve done each season, we’re bringing the show home to Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. Every small business owner—no matter the size of the town or city they’re in—has a compelling story to tell, so we’ll be showcasing the stories of Black-owned businesses throughout underestimated urban neighborhoods in the Twin Cities.

Along with the new season comes the announcement of new co-host, Baron Davis, former NBA All-Star turned entrepreneur, who will work alongside series host Amanda Brinkman to provide each of the Season 6 businesses with marketing guidance and small business mentorship.

We’ve asked Baron to share why he’s joined the Small Business Revolution for Season 6, along with a few other fun questions—check out his answers below! 

Why did you join the Small Business Revolution as co-host?

I am a huge fan of Amanda and the show! I wanted to be on the ground floor of the great work they are doing.

How did you segue into entrepreneurship?

When I was a professional athlete I was an entrepreneur at the same time. I became my own agent at 21 and I have been representing myself ever since.

What’s your favorite small business you support and why?

Service Spoon in LA (shout out to Jerry Johnson). They hired my sister when she was fresh out of high school and now she is a school principal. When you talk about mentorship and passing the torch, his mom took care of my sister and now I can take care of her through time.

Of all your professional accomplishments, which are you most proud of?

As an athlete, you never look at your accomplishments until it is all said and done. I still have work to do.

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs who are just getting started?

Know your subject matter.

What’s your favorite NBA memory?

When Golden State flew out my grandmother to my game and surprised me. 

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