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December 15, 2020

New Website Raises Nonprofit’s Fundraising Efforts

Since 1969, tutors from Literacy Volunteers of Chautauqua County (LVCC) have provided a wide range of services to area residents including reading, finances, math, English language, technology and high school equivalency. With an estimated 25% of adults considered functionally illiterate in the county, LVCC’s mission is to transform individual lives and communities through the doorway of literacy. “Having strong literacy skills is the key to fully participate in life,” says Julie LaGrow, Executive Director at LVCC.

In August 2019, LVCC moved offices from nearby Dunkirk to the heart of downtown Fredonia, NY, with hopes of more exposure and foot traffic. LVCC was poised to increase visibility and funding to help offset the $10,000 annual deficit they’d suffered the past few years, but the pandemic hit just as things were improving.

When LVCC was selected to be featured in Season 5 of Deluxe’s original series, Small Business Revolution, Julie and her Board of Directors were eager to receive marketing and operations help to keep their doors open.

Reinvigorating the mission with a new website

While LVCC’s original site housed helpful content, it wasn’t expressing the emotion and passion its volunteers bring to the community and to the individuals they tutor.

LVCC’s Original Website

To convey the mission of LVCC, the website design and logo design teams from Deluxe developed a strategy to serve all four main audiences who would be visiting the site – students, tutors, donors and customers of the non-profit’s adjacent bookstore.

Literacy Volunteer’s New Website

The home page imagery helps visitors make an emotional connection, featuring an actual student and messaging to reinforce why LVCC exists. Site visitors can self-select based on their needs and goals, from volunteering to donating a monetary gift.


As visitors continue to scroll down the page, they learn about additional services offered at LVCC, important facts about the community, and upcoming events to attend.



The volunteer page emphasizes the community connection, providing an easy form to become a volunteer.



The tutoring page communicates the experience via video since many students may not have reading proficiency.


The donation page opens the door for visitors to explore several ways to give via individual donations, membership corporate sponsors and supporting the bookstore.



New website triggers donations and volunteer signups

Literacy Volunteers’ new website clearly positions their organization as a cause-driven, nonprofit that strengthens their community by empowering individuals through one-on-one adult tutoring to gain language skills. Through compelling photography and clear messaging, the site beckons visitors to get involved to further the mission of LVCC. “This site speaks volumes to what we do in such a real way,” shared Julie. “We’ve already heard from new volunteers as well as new donors.”


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