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Season 5 Businesses Makeover

December 15, 2020

Brand Makeover Drives More Pro Shop Sales

For nearly 90 years, Fredonia, New York’s only public golf course had weathered recessions, shifts in the sport’s popularity, and a handful of ownership changes – including an unusual circumstance causing the course to split in half and fall into disrepair. But it wasn’t until local golfer Debbie Mancuso purchased Vineyards Golf Course in 2018 that it officially returned as a playable 18-hole course.

Despite the golf industry experiencing an uptick during the pandemic, Debbie’s huge investment to revive the playability of the course put her cash flow at risk at a time when she needed to overcome public misconceptions about the course’s condition. “It’s nerve-racking, as a lot can go wrong at the course,” said Debbie.

When Vineyards was selected to be featured in Deluxe’s original series, Small Business Revolution, Debbie was excited to find new ways to build awareness and increase sales.

Updating brand to modernize the operation

While honoring the history of the course was important to Debbie, she also wanted to put her own stamp on the business. It was a perfect time to refresh Vineyards’ brand just prior to doubling down on marketing efforts online and in the shop. The old logo was a bit dated and from a budget perspective, it was complicated and expensive to reproduce.


Vineyards Golf Course – Original Logo

The new logo design Deluxe created gave a modern twist to the original design, leaving the purple to represent the local grape vineyards the area is known for, and adding font curvatures to replicate golf ball trajectory. Overall, the team simplified the design for easier scalability and memorability.

Vineyards Golf Course – New Logo

Applying the new brand throughout the clubhouse

With Debbie’s approval on the refreshed logo, the team from Deluxe applied Vineyards’ branding across hand-selected merchandise and materials, including apparel, promotional products, retail packaging, and print marketing. Not only did these items elevate the club experience, they also offered an opportunity to increase pro shop sales.

Apparel for staff, members, and visiting golfers


Promotional products to drive sales and return visits


Retail packaging reinforces Vineyards’ brand and purple palette

Print marketing adds cohesion to moments on and off the course 


Pro Shop sales reach record highs

According to the National Golf Foundation, golf rounds are expected to finish 11% higher year-over-year in 2020. Likewise, Debbie and her crew are experiencing a record number of golfers and merchandise sales.

“The merchandise is what the members have been asking for a long time, shared Debbie. Now, Fredonia has a beautiful 18-hole course and each year it’s going to get better and better.”



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