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Season 5 Businesses Makeover

December 2, 2020

Bakery’s Brand Makeover Sweetens Its Appeal


Start-up stories often begin when a solution is needed for a particular challenge. Jess Daly-Griffen knows this better than most. When two of her three children were diagnosed with Celiac disease, Jess swiftly moved into entrepreneur-mode, developing over 150 gluten-free recipes from scratch to ensure her family was staying nourished. Word soon got out, propelling Jess to open her own bakery, Om Nohm Bakery & Café, equipped with a medically safe gluten-free kitchen and a welcoming vibe.



Three years since opening, Om Nohm’s solid reputation as a destination for people with gluten-free needs has put the bakery on the map. But increasing costs of niche ingredients, coupled with labor-intensive operations has prevented Jess from taking a salary.

When Om Nohm was selected to be featured in Deluxe’s original series, Small Business Revolution, Jess found a team of experts ready to help her bakery achieve more sustainability by venturing into new markets.

Broadening appeal with a refreshed brand

First impressions matter, especially when a business is funneling so much energy and dollars into attracting new customers. While word-of-mouth was working for Om Nohm, its branding wasn’t communicating it was a place for both diners with and without dietary challenges. The original logo design was also difficult to scale across digital and printed materials.

Om Nohm’s Original Logo


The logo design team from Deluxe envisioned a brand that would convey Om Nohm as a nurturing, family-run bakery and café, appealing to all types of palates and nutritional preferences. The team took inspiration from Om Nohm’s made-from-scratch natural products, adding a heart and playful font to create an inviting look and feel, as well as the words ‘bakery and café’ to expand the establishment’s reach.

Om Nohm’s New Logo

Applying the new brand inside and outside the bakery

With a new logo in hand, the team from Deluxe applied Om Nohm’s branding across a curated selection of apparel, promotional products, retail packaging, and print marketing materials. These solutions were designed to broaden the bakery’s appeal to new audiences without losing its relevance to its core group of gluten-free customers.

Apparel for staff and loyal fans of the bakery  



Promotional products offer giveaway opportunities branded moments outside shop

Retail packaging reinforces Om Nohm’s ‘power pink’ and environmentally conscious attitude at every customer touchpoint

Print marketing provides a curated list of vast menu



New branding attracts more hungry diners

A sign of good branding is when it instantly communicates what’s at the heart of the business. Whether it’s a particular color, font, descriptor, or graphic, these elements should all work in concert to convey what customers should expect. For Jess, it was finding a perfect balance between what is at her core and where there’s room to stretch.

“I love bringing bakery and café right into the name because that is who we are, says Jess. I also love that Deluxe kept gluten-free in the design to give comfort to people with celiac.”

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