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Season 5 Businesses Makeover

December 1, 2020

New Website Delivers Beloved Pizza Shop into Digital Age


Matt Swank worked at Lena’s while he was a college student in the late ’90s, not knowing it would change his life. As an employee, Matt gained invaluable lessons about business, operations, and more importantly, how to treat others. The training he received and the relationships he built stayed with him even after he left and eventually inspired him to return – this time as owner. “I couldn’t find in corporate America what I found and had at Lena’s,” said Matt.



Matt bought Lena’s in 2018 to continue the tradition of quality food and quality interactions with customers that have made Lena’s a beloved pizza shop in Fredonia. While Matt wanted to make his own mark on the business, his biggest challenge was deciding which parts of the business needed updating and which needed to stay ‘as is’ to pay homage to Lena’s history.

When Lena’s was selected to be featured in Deluxe’s original series, Small Business Revolution, Matt was eager to explore new ideas to streamline marketing and operations.

Refreshing an Outdated and Underperforming Website

Matt knew the importance of having his menu appear online, but his website lacked the right content to assist visitors with the information they needed to make a purchase decision. The old site was a stripped-down version, missing the essence of Lena’s spirit and history, let alone optimization for search engines.

Lena’s Original Website


To convey the restaurant’s quality and legacy, the website design and logo design teams from Deluxe developed a site to highlight Lena’s 25-year reputation, as well as provide online visitors a choice for how they would like to order—online or by calling Lena’s.

Lena’s New Website

The home page showcases Lena’s new branding and personal service in a fun environment, while also allowing visitors to easily select delivery or carryout with a one-click view of daily specials. Deluxe helped Matt easily migrate to an online order system that integrated seamlessly with his merchant services.


As visitors scroll, they see quality through the usage of great photography and copy, authentic to Lena’s brand.


The menu page, once again, reinforces Lena’s quality, while providing an organized hierarchy for best-selling food categories.


Throughout the site, Deluxe ensured hungry diners and search engines would have easy access to both Lena’s locations, which is vital for getting found locally.



New website gives customers a fresh way to order

In an era where digital access is expected (nearly 85% of hungry diners start with an online search), treasured restaurants like Lena’s are too valuable in their community to be left behind. Online upgrades can be game-changers, as in the case of Lena’s, where online orders continue to soar, and a newly optimized website attracts new customers. “I’m a big fan of simplicity, and this new website allows us to streamline our new online order process easily for customers,” says Matt.

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