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November 25, 2020

Flower Shop Aficionado Helps Fredonia’s Legendary Flower Shop

Charlotte Herlong and her mother opened Fresh & Fancy Floral Design Studio (then Fresh & Fancy Flower & Gifts) more than 30 years ago, and today the shop is run by Charlotte and her son Michael. Despite being the only flower shop in Fredonia to stand the test of time, they’ve faced challenges from big box retailers who offer competitive products at cheaper prices. In comes Amy Backman, an expert with over 10 years of experience running her own flower shop in Minneapolis. Here’s the advice Amy gave to Fresh & Fancy:

1) Give people a front-row view of the process.

Amy recommended mirroring what Spruce does in their shop, which is to have the design counter easily accessible so customers can watch the florists’ creativity at work. Much like a restaurant that has an open view into the kitchen, customers will feel more connected to the process and final bouquet when they see the hard work that goes into creating custom arrangements.

2) Make sure your brand showcases your custom floral designs.

Charlotte prides herself in custom floral arrangements that are unique from what customers can buy online or with big box retailers. But because of Fresh & Fancy’s relationship with a wire service, which limits customers to purchasing templated bouquets online, Charlotte’s customers don’t often realize just how unique the shop’s arrangements really are. With the help of a new website, real photography, and guidance from Amy, who’s built a brand specifically based on custom design, Fresh & Fancy is well on their way to highlighting their custom arrangements across their brand.

3) Reduce the focus on retail products.

Fresh & Fancy didn’t sell a lot of retail products complementary to flowers, like chocolates or cards, so Amy (whose shop only has 100 square feet of retail space) encouraged them to decrease the emphasis on non-floral retail products inside the shop. The shop windows were previously lined with shelves of retail products, so customers primarily saw gifts and trinkets rather than the beautiful flowers that could potentially draw them inside. With the retail products mostly removed, customers can now see the newly-created design area and fresh flowers right through the window.

4) Create a space for Instagram-worthy photography.

Understanding the aesthetic nature of their product, Amy encouraged Charlotte and Michael to create a space to easily take photos of arrangements once their complete. Doing this made it easy for Fresh & Fancy to snap pictures and post on social platforms, like Instagram, to share their unique arrangements and reinforce their brand. Bonus tip: Amy shared that Spruce has a line on their delivery cards that encourages customers to share a photo of their arrangement and tag Spruce on social media, spreading their brand even further.

To see Amy’s expert in advance in action, watch the full episode on Fresh & Fancy Floral Design Studio’s transformation.

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