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Season 5 Businesses Makeover

November 18, 2020

Hair Salon’s Brand Makeover Gives it a Cut Above the Rest


As a busy mother and entrepreneur, salon owner Carla Pucciarelli understands the importance of self-care. With nearly twenty years of experience as a stylist and a strong commitment to stay updated with industry trends, her heart for helping people look and feel their best is what this salon is all about.

Located in Fredonia, NY, and established in 2017, The Hair Bar Salon is one of twelve salons located within blocks of one another. With so many establishments vying for the same clients, Carla found herself struggling to find ways to stand out. “I am not technologically inclined, and my attempts at marketing have fallen short,” explains Carla.

Without a strong online presence, potential clients were having a difficult time finding The Hair Bar Salon, let alone the breadth of services available at the salon. Carla was left relying on word-of-mouth and a few, sporadic posts on social media. What her business needed was a thoughtful marketing and branding strategy to connect her services to the local community.

When The Hair Bar Salon was selected to be featured in Deluxe’s original series, Small Business Revolution, Carla suddenly had the support she needed to showcase her full-service salon.

Elevating the brand with a versatile logo

While the client experience is top-notch at The Hair Bar Salon, the outer wrapper needed some work to match the caliber of service. The logo design team at Deluxe worked with Carla to understand her preferences for color, style, and what she liked and didn’t like about her existing logo. “My first logo was done in haste since I had to quickly add something to my window when I opened the salon,” said Carla.


The Hair Bar’s Original Logo

When developing concepts for the new logo, the design team focused on creating options to convey a more upscale and contemporary feel. Carla was immediately drawn to the bolder font and modern design. While elevating the brand, the new logo also provides easier scalability across printed and promotional marketing solutions.

The Hair Bar Salon’s New Logo

Branded merchandise adds more shine

With the new logo and website designs in place, the team from Deluxe focused on elevating The Hair Bar Salon’s image and branding opportunities with a curated list of apparel, promotional products, retail packaging, and print marketing materials. These items not only increase visibility but also serve as new revenue streams for clients wanting to become ambassadors of the brand.


Apparel for stylists and clients advocating for the brand


Promotional products that turn into conversation starters



Retail packaging to add flair, elegance and enhance the salon’s image


Print marketing to reinforce the brand at every customer touchpoint


New marketing strategy brings upward trend for salon

From the start, it was clear Carla and her team at The Hair Bar Salon had the passion and skillset for taking care of their clients, they just needed a boost to help market their uniqueness. As soon as the new branding launched to help mirror the in-salon experience, and the online strategy implemented to connect with new clients searching for beauty services, the salon saw immediate results.

Search results are growing 15% each month, while client interactions online are averaging 300 clicks and calls. If you’re a new client, plan on waiting two weeks to get into The Hair Bar Salon – the people of Fredonia know the wait is worth it.

“The Deluxe team listened to my feedback and took it all into account. The number of first-time clients has been incredible and business has surged,” said Carla. “Now walking into the salon, it is such a better reflection of what I always wanted my business to be.”


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