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November 18, 2020

Award-Winning Salon Guru Helps The Hair Bar Salon

Carla Pucciarelli spent years working at her uncle’s salon, learning the ropes of being a stylist, and running a business. But with the desire to start a salon and truly make it her own, she opened The Hair Bar Salon in Fredonia in 2017. Since opening, Carla’s been faced with challenges like trying to stand out from the competition and find new clients. That’s where Charlie Brackney Love, one of the co-founders of award-winning HAUS Salon in Minneapolis, comes in, serving as the industry expert giving Carla some much-needed advice in Season 5.

Here are just a handful of the tips Charlie gave to Carla to help The Hair Bar Salon become more successful:

1) Create a one-of-a-kind customer experience.

To help Carla differentiate her salon from more than a dozen local competitors, Charlie recommended creating a unique customer experience that feels upscale, offering clients the relaxation and escape their craving (and willing to pay more for). To create that exclusive experience, Charlie recommended offering beverages to customers upon arrival, like wine or infused water—providing a pampered feeling that will keep customers coming back.

2) Ensure the physical space matches the customer experience.

Carla worked with Charlie to identify ways to make her salon look and feel more upscale, with a little renovation assistance from co-host Ty Pennington. Charlie offered advice on how to maximize the salon’s square footage, especially with Covid restrictions requiring more space to social distance. After removing a wall that separated the main area of the salon, Carla was also able to add three more chairs, giving her the opportunity to hire more stylists.

3) Create a new revenue stream by selling retail products.

According to Charlie, statistics show that when clients buy retail products from their hairstylists, they trust them more—which ultimately increases client retention. And while Charlie reinforced with Carla that “most hairdressers aren’t salespeople,” he encouraged her to make products easily accessible for customers who are interested. To accommodate, we added in several bright, open shelves for products next to the checkout counter in the lobby (which now boasts a more open, welcoming area for clients as they wait).


These changes—along with a marketing transformation from Deluxe—have helped Carla increase awareness of The Hair Bar and ultimately attract new clients. See Carla’s full transformation in Season 5, episode 2 of the Small Business Revolution.


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