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November 16, 2020

Auto Detailing Experts Help Guide Season 5’s Nyce & Clean


Mike Plaza, the owner of Nyce & Clean Auto Detailing, looked to Deluxe and the Small Business Revolution to help transition from detailing as a side hustle to running his shop full time.  That’s why we brought in Hiep Dang & Mylan Sleets, the co-owners of Pristine Detail, an automotive detail center located in St. Paul, Minnesota. The duo, who started their business in their garage, just like Mike, has transformed their own business from startup to established and joined us in season 5 of the Small Business Revolution to help Mike take his business to the next level.

After visiting the Nyce & Clean shop in Fredonia, New York, Hiep and Mylan offered Mike several pieces of advice to help him operate more efficiently and drive profitable sales:

1) Invest in high-quality, commercial equipment.

Despite the upfront investment, Hiep and Mylan reassured Mike that utilizing the proper equipment will help him reduce the time it takes to complete each car by as much as fifty percent. Less time spent on every detailing job means more profit—and time for more jobs.

2) Add specialty services, beyond detailing.

The winter months in New York tend to be the off-season for Mike, so Hiep and Mylan encouraged him to add window tinting as a service, which will not only fill these quieter months but also yield higher profit margins. Plus, adding services like window tinting will help Nyce & Clean attract new customers who may not have an interest in detailing.

3) Ensure your workspace suits the needs of your operation.

Keeping the floors really clean in a detailing shop is a no brainer, but Mike’s garage had cracked, rough concrete floors. With recommendations on flooring from Hiep and Mylan—and a little renovation guidance from co-host Ty Pennington—the garage now has new epoxy floors that help improve the function and the professional, elevated experience customers can expect to receive at Nyce & Clean.

4) Evaluate your processes to ensure the utmost efficiency in operation.

A virtual tour of Pristine Detail helped Mike understand exactly what an efficient detailing flow should look like to help save time and ultimately money, like separating his “dirty” area of the shop for cars that have just come in from the “clean” area. Plus, Hiep and Mylan recommended displaying recently cleaned cars in a high-traffic area to entice potential customers to engage in services. Mike was also able to expand his operation to include an additional car bay, where he dedicated space for his new services—like window tinting—to keep his services separated, with dedicated space for each.

5) Show your work off online.

Customers love a great “before and after.” With help from Deluxe and advice from Hiep and Mylan, Mike was encouraged to start using Instagram to highlight images of his work and showcase how satisfied customers are with Nyce & Clean’s services.


With the expert guidance from Hiep and Mylan—along with Mike’s passion for detailing and dream of creating a better life for his family—Nyce & Clean is growing faster than ever.

Watch the full Nyce & Clean episode to see how Hiep and Mylan helped Mike polish his business.

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