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November 1, 2020

Be a Part of the Small Business Revolution: 4 Ways to Support Your Local Small Businesses

Shorter days and a tellate chill in the air can only mean one thing: The holidays are right around the corner. November and December are traditionally a busy time for many small businesses. This year they need the holiday shopping rush more than ever.

The holidays are always a time for both reflection and looking ahead to the new year. So let’s take a look at some of Season Five’s featured small businesses, while also looking at meaningful ways you can support businesses like them in your own community.

Show small businesses some big love this season 

When the COVID-19 pandemic landed this past Spring, it shut down vast swaths of the economy. Small businesses across the country — and around the world — were hit hard by lost business as leaders and public health officials determined the safest ways to move forward. We know more now about how to fight COVID than we did then, and many small businesses have been able to reopen to varying degrees across the country. But the pandemic isn’t over yet, and your favorite neighborhood restaurants, shops, and service providers undoubtedly could use a boost this holiday season. 

Let’s revisit four of the ways to show some love to the small businesses that play such a big role in our communities — including some of the businesses featured in Season Five:

  1. Shop small online, locally

Many local businesses have embraced online shopping this year. Whether through delivery or curbside/contactless pickup, small businesses are making it easier to shop them over the Web. A great example is Fresh and Fancy Flowers, who offers online ordering for delivery and in-store pickup. 

Before you make your next online purchase, check out some local business’ websites or social media feeds to see if you can click-to-buy through them directly.


  1. Share your favorite small business with friends and neighbors

A whopping 61.5% of small business owners say word-of-mouth referrals are the best way to acquire local customers. Service businesses like Nyce & Clean Auto Detailing survive and thrive off of referrals, so spread the word about favorites in your community! Tell your friends and neighbors about the best go-to local spots, write and post reviews on sites like Yelp and Angie’s List, and use your social media accounts to get the word out more broadly. 

  1. Give the gift of gift cards

Giving gift cards to small businesses is great because not only does your purchase generate revenue for them, it also sends new customers their way when the recipients use them later on. Buying gift cards can also really help local venues and recreation spots like The Vineyards Golf Course who were hit hard by COVID-related restrictions on in-person gatherings.

You can also give yourself a little gift by buying gift cards now with the intention of using them later. It’s a win-win: The business gets a mini-cash advance now, and you get something to look forward to later.



  1. Buy from small sellers on Amazon

Amazon has become a go-to for more and more people, especially during the pandemic. But you can still support small businesses while enjoying free shipping through your Prime account. According to Amazon, over half the items they sell worldwide come from small and medium-size businesses (SMB), and U.S.-based SMBs sell more than 4,000 items every minute.

When doing your holiday shopping on Amazon, look for the, “All Buying Options” or “Other Sellers on Amazon” options to see if your item is available from a small seller.

You can also donate to your favorite charitable organization — like Literacy Volunteers — whenever you shop on Amazon through their Smile program. 

How Salesforce Supports the Small Business Revolution

Small businesses are built on customer relationships. And while it may seem like everything in the world today has changed, that’s the constant. We at Salesforce feel privileged to help bring companies and customers together through the power of customer relationship management (CRM) technology. We help your teams work as one from anywhere, so you can keep your customers happy everywhere. 

We’re proud to team up with the Small Business Revolution to support the small businesses of Fredonia, NY in Season Five.

Host Amanda Brinkman welcomes Salesforce to Season 5

If you’re a small business leader or entrepreneur, learn how Salesforce CRM technology helps you find more customers, win their business, and keep them happy, by visiting us at salesforce.com/smb.

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